Vengeance Fine Art Sculpture

Mixed Media Fine Art
& Sculpture
by Erik M. Cunningham

Rejoice Fine Art Sculpture
Every Knee Fine Art Sculpture

Orange County Art and Sculpture

One of a kind, mixed media fine art and steel sculptures handcrafted by Orange County artist, Erik M. Cunningham. The "M." stands for Mahershalalhashbaz.

Fine Art

"Vengeance," "Rejoice" and "Every Knee" (pictured above) are mixed media and steel sculptures with themes, based in scripture, and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Each of these fine art sculptures were constructed entirely of "roadside salvage" materials like discarded twine, rusty metal bolts, washers, wire and other miscellaneous scraps, I collected during countless walks around my Orange County, CA home workshop.

Fine Art Sculpture Materials

When littered in the streets and on sidewalks, some might view the materials themselves as worthless debris, but to me they're priceless. Because, like many things in life, their true value lies not in what they used to be, but in what they can become.

Read my artist statement to learn more about my faith and the inspiration behind my work.

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Art Shows 2018

Blessed Way Fine Art Sculpture

See "Blessed Way," on display at "Centered on the Center," Jan 27 - Mar 3, 2018.

Huntington Beach Art Center
538 Main St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648