Artist Connections

As an aspiring artist, I like to lend a promotional hand to all of the friends, acquaintances, organizations and suppliers that support and participate in the arts in Southern California and beyond.

Southern California Artists and Suppliers

SoCal Artists

SoCal is home to artists of every kind - from painters and sculptors, to digital artists, stage and street performers, singers and musicians.

With its large local and tourist populations, and abundance of scenic and natural beauty, some might say that Southern California artists experience an embarrassment of riches.

Hawaii Artists

Hawaiian Artists

I recently spent a few months on the island of Oahu, Hawaii where I was blessed to experience a little bit of the culture, take some cool photos, and gain inspiration from local artists.

From touristy Honolulu to the exotic North Shore, the island offers sights and sounds found few other places on earth.

Guest Feedback

Erik M. Cunningham

Please feel free to email me with your feedback. I'd love to hear your impressions of my artwork and website.